Nieuw Amsterdam; a model of large scale city architecture. What can the future of Amsterdam look like? Satelite pictures of the city of Amsterdam in the year 2050! What are the advantages of this city model?
Advantages of the Nieuw Amsterdam model:

1- Natural organic development of a compact vertical city due to geographical boundaries (water boudaries, the "Manhattan growth model").
2- Long term growth perspectives without increasing demand on land or enviroment (due to vertical instead of horizontal growth). This especialy applies for the densly populated Netherlands. The Nieuw Amsterdam model is one of the more elegant ways of tacling this problem.
3- Constant high quality living enviroment, also after long term growth, due to reservation of large park- and water-area's for leasure (like New York city).
4- Predictable growth and population deviation with a minimum of government regulation or intervention. The population growth will be a natural organic proces.
5- Potential for a second airport (secundary to Schiphol), uniquely located close to the city center (near Uitdam in the Ijselmeer) wich should increase the atraction for international companies to locate themselves in the new city center.
6- Nieuw Amsterdam should have an unique independent status within the dutch government, or may even become an independent state (like the Singapore or Hong Kong state). This will create the maximum future potential for the city.
7- The succes of Nieuw Amsterdam will probably also imply a gradual shift in Dutch cultural identity; from being a germanic province now, to becomming more and more the main Anglo-saxsen base in mainland europe. This shift in orientation is historicly correct (the dutch had a key role in founding the new world).
8- On an european scale, Amsterdam is the most likely place for a citymodel like this, due to the physical posibility of creating the new city, and due to the historical identity of the old city of Amsterdam.
9- Amsterdam was the founding entity of the city of New York, here now is a historical change to bring back this succes story to the european mainland. Nieuw Amsterdam has the historical change of becomming another succes story.
10- This is a succes story of an old and a future city...... That is, it could be...... Maybe..... Who knows!?

Amsterdam in 2050!
satelite pictures:

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Amsterdam anno 1999, the waterplan:
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Is Nieuw Amsterdam the european New York in 2050?
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